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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Our Success Brand Team helps children and adults identify and resolve how their past is unconsciously coming into play in their present and causing them to not feel good enough, to feel stuck, or to repeat situations in their career or personal life. Ultimately, we help our clients find meaning in these experiences and have a more authentic connection with themselves, so they can have a more genuine connection with others.


John Kennebrew is the founder of Success Brand and has expertise in the areas of family and adolescent mental health counseling, marketing communications, client relationship management, team leadership, and improving the operating efficiency of professional service firms. Kennebrew has worked as a self-employed consultant for many years providing marketing, coaching, and strategic business writing services for small business owners. When working with individual clients or conducting workshops for companies or professional groups, he combines his business skills as a problem-solver and change agent with his training and experience in psychology and counseling.

The Success Brand Team was carefully selected according to their expertise in the counseling and coaching profession. 

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